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Thematic series
Clinical Advances in the Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa and Related Restricting Eating Disorders
Edited by Prof. Dr. Ivan Eisler, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Schmidt and Prof. Dr. Daniel Le Grange


Thematic series
Eating disorder treatment practice standards

Thematic series
Eating Disorders in the time of COVID-19 outbreak - Implications for now and the future
Edited by Hubert Lacey, Phillipa Hay and Stephen Touyz

Thematic series
Management of the Malnourished Patient
Edited by Michael Kohn, FRACP, FACPM and Neville H. Golden, MD


Thematic series
Eating Disorders, Emotions and Mood Disorders
Edited by Phillipa Hay and Stephen Touyz 


Thematic series
Diabetes and Eating Disorders – a complex co-morbidity
Edited by Dr Paul Copeland


Thematic series
Exercise and Eating Disorders: Raising the bar in the treatment of over-exercise in people with AN
Edited by Caroline Meyer, Stephen Touyz, Phillipa Hay

Thematic series
Nutritional rehabilitation/refeeding in people with anorexia nervosa
Edited by Daniel Le Grange


Thematic series
Severe and Enduring Anorexia Nervosa (SE-AN) and related disorders
Edited by Stephen Touyz, Phillipa Hay


Cross-journal collection
Current status of eating disorders: general and special population studies
Edited by Kathleen Pike, Stephan Zipfel, Blake Woodside

Annual Journal Metrics