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Table 1 Setting, role and years of experience in eating disorders for each participant

From: Clinicians’ perspectives on supporting individuals with severe anorexia nervosa in specialist eating disorder intensive treatment settings

Participant ID with work setting Role Years of experience in EDs
P1-OP Consultant Psychiatrist 10+
P2-IP/DP Consultant Psychiatrist 5–10
P3-IP Consultant Psychiatrist 10+
P4-DP Occupational Therapist 5–10
P5-OP/DP Consultant Psychiatrist 10+
P6-OP Clinical Service Manager 10+
P7-DP Nurse Specialist 0–5
P8-IP Consultant Psychiatrist 0–5
P9-DP/IP Nurse Therapist 10+
P10-OP/DP Dietician 10+
P11-OP/DP Nurse Specialist 0–5
P12-IP Counselling Psychologist Not reported
P13-DP Mental Health Nurse 0–5
P14-DP Assistant Psychologist 0–5
P15-IP Counselling Psychologist 10+
P16-DP Assistant Psychologist 0–5
P17-DP Mental Health Nurse 0–5
P18-OP/DP Occupational Therapist 0–5
P19-DP Occupational Therapist 0–5
P20-OP/DP Consultant Psychiatrist 10+
P21-DP Day Unit Manager 10+
  1. OP outpatient, DP day patient, IP inpatient, ED eating disorder