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Table 1 Overview of main themes and subthemes

From: Exploring the experience of being viewed as “not sick enough”: a qualitative study of women recovered from anorexia nervosa or atypical anorexia nervosa

Themes and subthemes Number of participants
1. Dealing with the focus upon physical appearance while battling a mental illness  
 (a) You are not skinny enough to have an ED! 5 of 7
 (b) Weight-based access to treatment 7 of 7 (clearly in 5)
2. Project perfect: Feeling pressure to prove oneself 7 of 7 (clearly in 5)
3. The importance of being seen and understood  
 (a) The lack of congruence between the internal experience and the response from the external environment 7 of 7
 (b) Having someone to fight for you 7 of 7 (clearly in 5)