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Table 3 Item loadings of the initial and short version of the Dusseldorf Orthorexia Scale (DOS)

From: The relation of orthorexia with lifestyle habits: Arabic versions of the Eating Habits Questionnaire and the Dusseldorf Orthorexia Scale

  Initial version Short version
HeOr OrNe HeOr OrNe
D01. Eating healthy food is more important to me than indulgence/enjoying the food 0.81 0.01 0.84 − 0.01
D02. I have certain nutrition rules that I adhere to 0.84 − 0.02 0.80 0.00
D03. I can only enjoy eating foods considered healthy 0.66 0.17 0.67 0.17
D04. I try to avoid getting invited over to friends for dinner if I know that they do not pay attention to healthy nutrition 0.00 0.67 − 0.01 0.68
*D05. I like that I pay more attention to healthy nutrition than other people 0.52 0.36
D06. If I eat something I consider unhealthy, I feel really bad 0.16 0.71 0.11 0.73
D07. I have the feeling of being excluded by my friends and colleagues due to my strict nutrition rules − 0.29 0.95 − 0.27 0.93
D08. My thoughts constantly revolve around healthy nutrition and I organize my day around it − 0.01 0.86 0.00 0.86
D09. I find it difficult to go against my personal dietary rules 0.00 0.81 0.02 0.80
D10. I feel upset after eating unhealthy foods 0.06 0.71 0.08 0.71
  1. HeOr, Healthy Orthorexia; OrNe, Orthorexia Nervosa; Bold values indicate loadings, in absolute value, over0.30. – indicates items not included in the short version. Item wording with as asterisk correspond to items not included in the short version