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Table 1 Characteristics for the included samples and number of samples across variables (K = 76)

From: Effects of cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic-interpersonal treatments for eating disorders: a meta-analytic inquiry into the role of patient characteristics and change in eating disorder-specific and general psychopathology in remission

Variable Value k (samples)
Treatment approach CBT 66
PIT 10
ED diagnosis AN 20
BN 19
BED 17
Mixed 20
Proportion with PD Percentage 10
Design RCT 37
Observational 39
Follow-up time Continuous 71
  1. Note. k number of samples, CBT Cognitive behavior therapy, PIT Psychodynamic-interpersonal therapy, AN Anorexia nervosa, BN Bulimia nervosa, BED Binge eating disorder, Mixed Mixed diagnoses, RCT Randomized controlled trial, Observational Observational study