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Table 3 Neural responses to food stimuli in people with AN

From: Physiological, emotional and neural responses to visual stimuli in eating disorders: a review

  AN Participants HC participants Stimuli AN > HC AN < HC
Uher et al. 2004 [50] 16 19 Colour pictures of food > non-food images
Emotional aversive > neutral images
M.OFC, ACC LI parietal, L occipital, posterior cerebellum
Brooks et al. 2011 [49] 18 24 Food > non-food images DLPFC, cerebellum, R precuneus Bilateral insula
Kim et al. 2012 [51] 18 20 High calorie food images > non-food images L anterior insula, superior frontal gyrus, ACC, cerebellum n/a
  1. R right, L left, DLPFC dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, OFC orbitofrontal cortex, ACC anterior cingulate cortex, M medial, S superior, I inferior