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Table 1 Descriptions of experiences during LOC and non-LOC eating episodes

From: Patient descriptions of loss of control and eating episode size interact to influence expert diagnosis of ICD-11 binge-eating disorder

Non-LOC Descriptors Based on
“I’ll be watching TV while I’m eating, so I don’t really taste the food or notice what’s happening, but I just keep going back for more. Before I know it, all the food is gone, and I’ve eaten more than I planned.” • Chen & Safer, 2010 [16]
• Mindful Eating Questionnaire [17]
“I’ve never tried to stop myself; I like the taste of it, so I just keep eating.” Clinical descriptions from adults seeking weight loss treatment
LOC Descriptors Based on
“During times like those, I feel helpless to control my urges to eat.” Binge Eating Scale [18]
“I feel this drive to keep eating once I get started.” Eating Disorder Examination [19]
“It’s hard for me to stop eating when I eat like that.” • Eating Disorder Inventory-3 [20]
• Three-Factor Eating Questionnaire [21]
• Eating Disorder Examination [19]
“I feel like I can’t stop or limit the amount of food or the type of food I’m eating.” • Questionnaire on Eating and Weight Patterns-5 [22]
• DSM-5 [7]
“I don’t really try to control my eating anymore. Eating like that is pretty much inevitable.” Eating Disorder Examination [19]
  1. LOC loss of control