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Table 3 Results of the factor analysis. The indices are sorted according to their highest loading

From: Dimensions within 24 weight history indices and their association with inpatient treatment outcome in adults with anorexia nervosa: analysis of routine data

Residual 20.975    
Highest BMI0.960    
BMI suppression0.948    
Highest BMI percentage0.947    
BMI suppression percentage0.933    
BMI range0.932    
Highest weight0.920    
WE 0.970   
Residual 3 0.952   
BMI elevation 0.942   
BMI elevation percentage 0.917   
Lowest weight  0.930  
Lowest BMI percentage  0.914  
Lowest BMI  0.896  
l-AWF  0.815  
Residual 1  0.806  
Residual 4  0.415  
Age at highest weight   0.867 
Age at lowest weight   0.827 
Years since highest weight    0.949
Years since lowest weight    0.627
  1. Note. BMI body mass index, WS weight suppression, WE weight elevation, PWC percentage weight change, Residual 1 highest on admission weight, Residual 2 admission on highest weight, Residual 3 lowest on admission weight, Residual 4 admission on lowest weight, h-AFW highest age-factored weight, l-AFW lowest age-factored weight