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Table 3 Example Quotes from Qualitative Themes

From: Peer mentoring for eating disorders: results from the evaluation of a pilot program

Themes Example Quotes
 1. Benefits to Participation I think it was just inspiring … actually this is a life that maybe I do want more than I want to be sick … I’ve had an eating disorder for thirteen years and this is the first time that I’ve had even an inkling that I’d even possibly want to get better. -Michelle
 2. Mentor as Wise and Accepting Guide It’s just so nice to talk to someone who wasn’t going to judge you, and just accepted you had a bad week, that’s ok, you know, keep moving forward, keep going. -Rene
 3. The Relationship It’s a two way street thing […]I did find that aspect more comforting to deal with I guess, […] not feeling like centre stage and … we did share a lot of personal things. –Jackie
 4. Mentoring Differed from Treatment It felt a lot more relaxed, more like a friendship than a professional relationship, but it still was in a sense, but … we were able to work on things like eating out, and doing nice things, as well as [talking about issues] at the same time. -Bailey
 1. Connection with Self and Others Before you even go through the door you know you’ve got something in common, there’s a shared connection there […] and I have found that there’s a lot more ease when that connection is already there. -Sandy
 2. Exploration of Mentors’ Own Recovery [Recovery] was not a fun time by any means, […] but then to be able to make even a tiny of a fraction of change to make that a little bit easier for someone else, just makes it just so incredibly worthwhile … It [reinforces] everything that you learn in recovery. -Steph
 3. Support is Essential in the Face of Self-Doubt Some of [the] sessions were quite raw, but [EDV] were always there … for me to talk to … that had a wonderful effect. -Sandy
 4. Reciprocal Gains are Possible I got such joy seeing that actually I was helping somebody else […] and I think it does become this cyclic thing that the more you give the more you have to give. -Kim
 5. Role Clarity and Boundary Management Extracting yourself from a pseudo-friendship is hard, especially when there’s been a genuine connection. There is the risk/fear of making the participant feel personally rejected if you […] don’t continue a relationship post-mentoring. -Rory