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Table 3 Example responses to “What kinds of things did it get you thinking about?”

From: Are recovery stories helpful for women with eating disorders? A pilot study and commentary on future research

It made me think about where I am in my recovery and the aspects I need to challenge.
How I could move forward even though I feel hopeless at the moment.
It got me thinking about the devastating effects of this disease and how enduring or long lasting it can be. It got me thinking that I didn’t want to be 50 years old, or even 30 years old with children and still be battling an eating disorder every day.
That recovery is possible.
Recovery is possible and the ways in which each manages it.
The things that do and don’t help people (and how widely that can vary). The importance of positivity and determination
Why I am choosing recovery what life is like without an eating disorder, that I want to live rather than exist, that thoughts are only thoughts and that fat is not a feeling. It reminded me of the tools I need to use to recover and not to be so self-critical when I have a bad day or make a mistake. It reminded me of my health and the damages that come from having an eating disorder. It made me want to start planning and thinking about my treatment and action plan to get back on track.
That I need to stop saying I’ll do it tomorrow and not let it go any further because a full recovery is possible and worth it.
Why I want to get better and my recovery journey in general.
What it takes to recover.
That everyone has hard times but with the right help and support, anyone can overcome and beat this disease.