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Table 1 Random Selection of Clients’ and Supports’ Comments of What Helped the Most and the Least

From: Applying neurobiology to the treatment of adults with anorexia nervosa

NEW FED TR Clients
What helped the most? What helped the least?
The way the brain functions. The noisy brain. Honestly nothing, and I mean that.
Putting together a treatment plan, discovering the internal workings within the brain, and finding new ways to look at and talk about nutrition. Nothing
Interaction with other families, neuro education, role playing. [Redacted] is always so incredibly helpful. I think 4 families was a good number. I didn't really like the DBT sessions - didn't find them that helpful
I have never approached recovery this way and I am hoping it's the way that will work for me. Nothing. Only regret was not having more time to attend.
Family support based - I will be accountable. Intense, quick - packed with evidence based program. Amazing staff. [Redacted]…life changers. The contract is great. Eliminates questions later. More heads up BEFORE coming to the program about what the meal plan will be like to minimize the big change/transition to the new meal plan.
NEW FED TR Supports
What helped the most? What helped the least?
So much useful information to practice and take home. Honestly, I understand the benefit to you of getting this feedback and I have struggled with these end-of-day questions.
The program approaches the illness with scientific data. Solutions are good. For the first time, I see an end to this illness. Really can't say there was anything I didn't like it was a great program.
One on one with team. Brain science studies and examples (restaurant). (blank)
Being educated about the illness, the meal plan as medicine, making room per individualization, being able to share with other clients and families, the individual therapy session. Suggest to have [redacted] review the study protocol on Sunday during pre-testing. Also, more structure for dinner Sunday night during pretesting.
[Redacted]’s presentation on the brain function for a patient with ED. Learning more about MY daughter, and why she does what she does - also how to manage recovery. The contract. Down time