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Table 2 BMI of completers and non-completers

From: Enhanced cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT-E) for severe and extreme anorexia nervosa in an outpatient eating disorder unit at a public hospital: a quality-assessment study

  Completers SD p Cohen’s f Non-completers SD p Cohen’s f
Start of treatment 14.9 1.2    14.6 1.1   
End of treatment 19.4 1.2 0.002 0.63 16.5 2.5 0.019 0.51
Follow-up 19.2 1.6 0.594   18.0 3.4 0.575  
  1. BMI, mean and standard deviation (SD), at start of treatment, end of treatment and follow-up. Wilcoxon rank sum test was used for comparison of BMI at start of treatment with BMI at end of treatment and for comparison of BMI at end of treatment with BMI at follow-up, p < 0.05 was regarded as statistical significant. Cohen’s f > 0.4 was regarded as a large effect