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Table 1 Overview of binge eating etherapy session content

From: Supported online cognitive behavioural therapy for bulimia nervosa: a study protocol of a randomised controlled trial

Session Focus Key principles
Session 1 Formulation and monitoring eating Psychoeducation about cognitive-behavioural therapy
Introduction to self-monitoring of eating behaviours
Session 2 Eating regularly and planning ahead Development of personalised case formulation
Psychoeducation about the role of restricting food and starvation
Regular eating
Session 3 Addressing binges Key strategies and skills to overcome binge eating and cope with urges to binge
The role of triggers in the Binge Eating Cycle
Session 4 Problem solving and motivation Problem solving
Motivational enhancement strategies: pros and cons of change
Session 5 Understanding and noticing thoughts and feelings Psychoeducation about emotions and unhelpful thinking patterns
Emotion regulation skills
Introduction to self-monitoring of unhelpful thoughts
Session 6 Coping with thoughts and feelings Mid-treatment reflection upon strengths and progress
Thought challenging
Session 7 Exposure challenges: Feared foods and food rules Introduction to feared foods and food rules
Development of personalised exposure hierarchy
How to challenge feared foods and food rules using ‘Exposure Tool’
Session 8 Exposure challenges: Body image Psychoeducation about body image
Identification of exposure tasks to overcome checking and/or avoidance
Urge surfing
Session 9 Self-compassion and identifying values and strengths Strategies to foster greater self-compassion and body acceptance
Identifying personal values and strengths external to eating, weight, and shape
Session 10 Review and relapse prevention Relapse prevention strategies
Reflection upon progress and changes in symptoms across treatment
Discussion of other treatment options and support