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Table 1 Feasibility and acceptability domains and outcome reporting

From: Brief early adolescent multi-family therapy (BEAM) trial for anorexia nervosa: a feasibility randomized controlled trial protocol

Domain Metric
Recruitment rate - Percentage of eligible participants who consent to participate in the study during the study period (18 months)
Feasibility of measurement tools - The mean time taken to complete questionnaires in minutes.
- Amount of missing data per questionnaires reported as a percentage per measure
- The number of participants who complete questionnaires at two months, end of treatment (six months), six-month follow-up and 12-month follow-up reported as a percentage of the total sample
Prospective acceptability - Free text responses for why individuals did not take part or discontinued the trial
- Mean responses to the Expectation of Improvement and Suitability of Treatment (EIST). The EIST is a two-item measure assessing how successful and how suitable the participant thinks treatment is.
Acceptability of intervention for participants - The total number of sessions attended recorded at the end of treatment (six months)
- The total number of sessions cancelled with reason recorded at the end of treatment (six months)
- The total number of sessions participants did not attend without provided notice recorded at the end of treatment (six months)
Participant satisfaction - Interview responses during qualitative interviews at the end of treatment (six months).