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Table 1 Eligibility criteria for included studies

From: Initial inpatient management of adolescents and young adults admitted with severe malnutrition due to anorexia nervosa: protocol for a systematic review

  Eligibility criteria
Study design RCTs, prospective cohort studies, retrospective cohort studies, cross-sectional and case-control studies.
Age Children and adolescents < 18 y.o.
Young adult 18–24 y.o.
Gender All gender
Diagnosis Meeting criteria for Anorexia Nervosa based on DSM-5, DSMIV-R or ICD-10
Severity of disease Severe malnutrition (BMI < 16 kg/m2 (adult) or percent median BMI ≤70% or Z-score ≤ − 3 SD (adolescents))
Moderate malnutrition (BMI 16–16.99 kg/m2 (adult) or percent median BMI 70–79% or Z-score − 2 to − 2.9 SD (adolescents)) AND Acute medical instability at admission
Admission First and repeated admissions as long all episodes documented separately and other inclusion criteria are met
Interventions Defining at least one the following element of an inpatient admission protocol intended for AYAs with AN:
-Refeeding plan
-Laboratory surveillance
-Cardio-respiratory stability monitoring