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Table 1 Chapters of the MANTRa patient’s workbook

From: The Maudsley model of anorexia nervosa treatment for adolescents and young adults (MANTRa): a study protocol for a multi-center cohort study

Chapter Title Content / Aim
1 Introduction to MANTRa Introduction to MANTRa, description of setting and treatment efficacy, case vignettes
2 The journey begins Enhancing motivation for change, pro and cons of the illness
3 Nobody is an island – support from others Social environment, families, support through others
4 Physical health and nutrition Physical health, healthy nutrition, meal plans, dietary
5 My Anorexia Case formulation, causing and maintaining factors of the illness, vicious flower
6 Treatment goals Developing treatment goals, SMART goals
7 Emotions and social relationships Emotion recognition and regulation skills, social relationships and roles, the inner critic voice, self-compassion
8 Thinking styles Perfectionism, detail-orientation, rigidity and inflexibility
9 Social media Social media as maintaining factor of the illness
10 Identity Role models, identity with and without anorexia
11 The flower of life Relapse prevention, virtuous flower