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Table 7 Neural responses to body shape stimuli in people with BN

From: Physiological, emotional and neural responses to visual stimuli in eating disorders: a review

  BN participants HC participants Stimuli BN > HC BN < HC
Uher et al. 2005 [68] 9 18 Line drawings of body shapes > line drawing of houses n/a R and lateral fusiform gyrus
Miyake et al. 2010 [64] 12 12 Negative body image words > neutral words
Negative emotional words > neutral words
R amygdala, L ventro MPFC n/a
Vocks et al. 2010 [65] 15 27 Own body n/a RI parietal, right middle frontal
Image of other Bilateral postcentral gyrus and bilateral hippocampal n/a
Miyake et al. 2010 [53] 11 11 Own distorted body image R occipital and R parietal MPFC, DLPFC, amygdala
Distorted body image of other R occipital and R parietal n/a
Spangler et al. 2011 [59] 12 12 Distorted image of self > distorted image of other > abstract image Pregenual ACC n/a
  1. R right, L left, MPFC medial prefrontal cortex