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Table 2 Training components for evidence-based psychotherapy practice

From: ANZAED practice and training standards for mental health professionals providing eating disorder treatment

Workshop content
Workshops on a specific evidence-based model should contain the following:
 • An up-to-date research review for the model’s inclusion as an evidence-based model in the relevant clinical practice guidelines
 • The core concepts of the model and its underlying theory
 • The structure and phases or stages of the treatment
 • Information consistent with the published manual if manualised and address issues of model efficacy
 • Recommendations on the implementation and application of the model in different practice settings and within a multidisciplinary team
 • A reflective component for clinicians to appreciate how they may need to change their practices to reflect the model being taught
 • A significant practice component in the form of video demonstration, role play, case scenarios or similar, to enable the translation of theory to practice
  1. It is essential that mental health clinicians seeking training in a specific evidence-based model receive training at a level that meets the following content and quality standards. Training in evidence-based models should extend on the foundational training outlined in Table 2