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Table 3 Agreement of the EDA-5 with the EDE interview (n = 91)

From: Eating disorder diagnostics in the digital era: validation of the Norwegian version of the Eating Disorder Assessment for DSM-5 (EDA-5)

DiagnosisκSensitivitySpecificityPositive predictive valueNegative predictive valueAccuracy
 AN total.72**1.00.771.00.72.85
 OSFED total.62**.501.00.891.001.00
  OSFED Other.86**1.00.981.00.78.98
 No diagnosis.49**.331.00.981.001.0
  1. EDA-5 Eating Disorder Assessment for DSM-5, EDE Eating Disorder Examination, AN Anorexia Nervosa, AN-R Restrictive type, AN-BP Binge-eating/Purging type, BN Bulimia Nervosa, BED Binge Eating Disorder, OSFED Other Specified Feeding and Eating Disorders. AN total includes AN-R and AN-BP, OSFED total includes OSFED-AN, and OSFED-BN. No OSFED-BED, PD or NES cases were diagnosed using the EDE and the EDA-5. aEDE is used as the reference assessment in all analyses. **p < .0005