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Table 3 Correlations among the body investment, ED symptoms and difficulties in emotion regulation in the clinical sample

From: The Portuguese version of the body investment scale: psychometric properties and relationships with disordered eating and emotion dysregulation

 EDE-Q RestraintaEDE-Q Eating concernaEDE-Q Weight concernaEDE-Q Shape concernaEDE-Q Global ScoreaDERS StrategiesDERS Non-acceptanceaDERS AwarenessDERS ImpulsesDERS GoalsaDERS ClarityDERS Total Score
 Body Image−.60***−.53***−.68***−.74***−.73***−.52***−.33**−.27**−.43***−.46***−.31**−.51***
 Body Touch−.52***−.43***−.45***−.51***−.54***−.40***−.44***−.27*−.31**−.34***−.30**−.44***
 Body Protection−.49***−.41***−.51***−.51***−.57***−.31**−.23*−.26*−.27*−.30**−.28**−.36***
 Body Care−.15−.09−.18−.21−.21−.32**−.27*−.31**−.25*−.32**−24*−.35***
  1. Note: aSpearman’s correlation coefficients. The remaining values represent Pearson’s correlation coefficients. p < .10; *p < .05; **p < .01; ***p < .001