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Table 1 Descriptive data for the overweight/obese group and the matched normal-weight control group

From: ERP and oscillatory differences in overweight/obese and normal-weight adolescents in response to food stimuli

n (girls)14 (7)14 (5)
Age12.6 (1.5)13.5 (1.7)
BMI percentile SDS2.2 (0.44)b−0.25 (0.81)b
Global1.6 (1.1)a0.5 (0.8)a
Restraint1.2 (1.5)0.4 (1.3)
Eating Concern1.0 (1.3)0.4 (0.6)
Shape Concern2.3 (1.4)a0.7 (0.9)a
Weight Concern2.1 (1.1)b0.5 (0.7)b
  1. Note. Means and SDs (in parentheses) for age, BMI percentile SDS, and eating pathology on the Child Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire (ChEDE-Q) for the two groups.amarks significant differences ≤ .01,bmarks significant differences ≤ .001