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Table 3 Results of the regression analyses predicting emotion regulation strategies as a function of age, depression, and alexithymia

From: Alexithymia predicts maladaptive but not adaptive emotion regulation strategies in adolescent girls with anorexia nervosa or depression

 BSE for B95% CI for Bβtp
Adaptive strategies
 STEP 1:
  Age1.41.7[−2.0, 4.8].08<  1n.s.
  Depressive symptoms−0.90.2[−1.3, − 0.5]−.42−4.2< .001
 STEP 2:
  Age1.61.8[−1.9, 5.1].09<  1n.s.
  Depressive symptoms−0.70.4[−1.5, − 0.0]−.35−2.1.043
  Alexithymia−0.20.5[−1.2, 0.7]−.08<  1n.s.
Maladaptive strategies
 STEP 1:
  Age1.10.9[−0.7, 3.0].111.2.230
  Depressive symptoms0.80.1[0.5, 1.0].596.6< .001
 STEP 2:
  Age0.50.9[−1.3, 2.3].05<  1n.s.
  Depressive symptoms0.20.2[−0.2, 0.6].161.2.253
  Alexithymia0.90.2[0.4, 1.3].533.8< .001