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Table 4 Adjusted mental (MCS) and physical (PCS) health-related quality of life scores in Australian people without and with diabetes and eating disorders or disordered eating behaviours (ED/DEB)

From: Associations between self-reported diabetes mellitus, disordered eating behaviours, weight/shape overvaluation, and health-related quality of life

 Mean ± SE
Without ED/DEB and without diabetes mellitus52.84 ± 0.20a49.23 ± 0.20a
Without ED/DEB and with diabetes mellitus51.38 ± 0.58a44.02 ± 0.57b
With ED/DEB and without diabetes mellitus49.13 ± 0.49b48.60 ± 0.48a
With ED/DEB and with diabetes mellitus46.01 ± 1.28b45.33 ± 1.26b
  1. a,bBetween-subject analyses were adjusted for the effect of body mass index, gender, age, and educational attainment. Main effects of group were observed for MCS and PCS scores. Differences in superscript letters indicate significant post-hoc pairwise comparisons on MCS and PCS scores, respectively (p’s ranged from .019 to < .001)