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Table 2 Promax rotated matrix of Dutch Restrained Eating scale conducted on subsample 1 (N = 403)

From: Factors associated with restrained eating and validation of the Arabic version of the restrained eating scale among an adult representative sample of the Lebanese population: a cross-sectional study

  Items Factor 1
Do you deliberately eat less in order not to become heavier? 7 0.822
How often do you try not to eat between meals because you are watching your weight? 8 0.814
How often in the evenings do you try not to eat because you are watching your weight? 9 0.811
When you have eaten too much, do you eat less than usual the following day? 6 0.804
Do you try to eat less at meal times than you would like to eat? 2 0.787
Do you take into account your weight with what you eat? 10 0.785
How often do you refuse food or drink offered because you are concerned about your weight? 3 0.770
Do you deliberately eat foods that are slimming? 5 0.755
When you have put weight, do you eat less than you usually do? 1 0.736
Do you think that on the market there is also unhealthy food? 4 0.695
Cronbach’s alpha   0.928
Percentage of variances explained   60.69%