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Table 3 Mean body mass index levels across problem scores on symptoms of eating disturbance in the sample (N = 10,172)

From: Associations between symptoms of eating disturbance and frequency of physical activity in a non-clinical, population-based sample of adolescents

  Girls (n = 5371) Boys (n = 4801)
M (SD) M (SD)
Full sample 22.0 (0.05) 22.6 (0.05)
Item 1: Discontent with own eating habitsa 22.7 (0.12)b 23.4 (0.20)b
Item 2: Comfort eatinga 23.2 (0.20)b 24.1 (0.39)b
Item 3: Feelings of guilt related to eatinga 23.1 (0.16)b 24.7 (0.48)b
Item 4: Strict dieting to gain control over eatinga 23.1 (0.28)b 24.2 (0.53)b
Item 5: Thoughts of being too fata 24.2 (0.13)b 27.2 (0.30)b
  1. aInclude individuals with problem scores on the indicated EDS-5 item
  2. bProblem scores on each of the EDS-5 items were significantly associated (p < 0.001) with higher mean BMI compared with non-problem scores