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Table 2 Adolescent treatments for ED and other psychological problems

From: “We don’t really know what else we can do”: Parent experiences when adolescent distress persists after the Maudsley and family-based therapies for anorexia nervosa

Parent Other eating disorder treatments Eating disorder behaviours Treatment for other problems
Kristin & Nathan Psychiatrist, BN-Day program, DBT group (all C) Current binge eating started 2 years after MFT/FBT Psychiatrist and DBT group (C) for depression, self-harm
Alice Inpatient (P) Restriction, over-exercise Psychiatrist (C) and inpatient (P), OCD (diagnosed at 11 years old), depression, self-harm, possible ASD
Emily Inpatient (including nasogastric tube), dietician (P) Restriction, over-exercise Psychologist from age 14 for anxiety, depression, self-harm
Jane Inpatient, (P) group, (C), psychologists (C & P) Restriction, over-exercise, purging, binging Depression, sub-clinical ASD symptoms (diagnosed at 10–12 years)
Janice Psychologist (CBT & mindfulness), ED support group (C & P), psychiatrist (C) Restriction, over-exercise, vomited once Psychiatrist (C), OCD/depression currently on lithium and recently ceased escitalopram
Kiera Nil. Thinking of seeing a psychologist Restriction and over-exercise Psychiatrist, Psychologists (P), anti-depressants (subsequent to anorexia diagnosis), self-harm
Paul 3 inpatient admissions (P), about to recommence hospital treatment Restriction, over-exercise, purging and binge eating Psychiatrists/psychologists/school counsellor (P) for depression, anxiety (included anti-depressants)
Terry Inpatient then MFT/FBT (P), outpatient, multi-family therapy (P) Restriction, over-exercise, purging Psychiatrist/psychologist (C), self-harm, Conversion Disorder, depression, psychosis: medication including quetiapine
Margaret & Jack Psychologist (NT) (C), inpatient admission (P) Restriction, over-exercise Psychologist (C), anxiety
Merrum Psychologist (NT), dietitian, psychiatrist (C) Restriction, over-exercise Psychologist and Psychiatrist (C), anxiety, family counselling before ED (P)
Susan Psychologist and psychiatrist (C), inpatient admissions (P) Restriction, over-exercise, purging Psychologist and psychiatrists for depression, OCD (C)
  1. Abbreviations: C current, P past