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Table 5 Associations between psychopathology (disturbed eating, depression, and anxiety), age, BMI, and HbA1c, in adult males (left diagonal) and females (bold, right diagonal) with T1D

From: Prevalence of disturbed eating behavior and associated symptoms of anxiety and depression among adult males and females with type 1 diabetes

Males Females
  DEPS-R total HAD depression HAD anxiety Age BMI HbA1c
DEPS-R total .47*** .48*** −.32*** .33*** .27**
HAD depression .39*** .68*** ns .30*** ns
HAD anxiety .50*** .61*** −.24** ns ns
Age ns ns ns ns ns
BMI .35*** ns ns ns .19*
HbA1c ns ns ns −.24* ns
  1. data are Pearson correlation coefficients, and significance levels are indicated by *s (p < .001***; p < .01**; p < .05*). Ns not significant associations
  2. entries in the right diagonale are marked in bold to indicate that they refer to the females of our sample