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Table 2 Prevalence rates of DEB, anxiety, and depression, in adult males and females with T1D, based on a cut-off score for DEB of 20 or more on the DEPS-R, and 11 or more on the HADS subscales anxiety and depression

From: Prevalence of disturbed eating behavior and associated symptoms of anxiety and depression among adult males and females with type 1 diabetes

  All Males Females P-value
DEB 20.3% 13.3% 24.8% .05
Depression 6.2% 3.6% 7.8% ns
Anxiety 19% 8.1% 26.4% .001
  1. The Chi-square test for independence was used to investigate whether the proportion of individuals scoring above the cut-off scores on the DEPS-R as well as the HAD anxiety and depression subscales, was significant different for males and females