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Table 1 Interview schedule for semi-structured interviews

From: Perceptions of eating disorder diagnoses and body image issues in four male cases in Singapore

a) Eating Disorders History
 Could you give me a brief history of how you developed eating disorders?
 How do you feel about having an eating disorder?
b) Body Image Issues
 When did you recognize you had body image issues?
 What effects did it have on your life?
 How did you deal with how you feel about your body/body image?
 How do you feel about your weight and size? / body?
 Before you fell ill and while you were ill? (Prompts: Physically? Emotionally? Mentally?)
 How does how you feel about your size/weight affect your daily life?
c) Effect of Body Image Issues on Illness and Recovery
 Does how you feel about your body affect your treatment and recovery?
 How does it affect it? (Prompts: Treatment? Recovery?)