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Table 1 Data collected at SwEat registration1

From: Adolescents with full or subthreshold anorexia nervosa in a naturalistic sample – characteristics and treatment outcome

  Initial registration Follow-up registration
Does the patient have symptoms consistent with a specified or unspecified ED, according to DSM-IV? (Yes/No) X  
Does the clinic intend to treat the patient? (Yes/No) X  
Has the patient been informed about SwEat and given his/her oral consent for registration? (Yes/No) X  
Civic registration number (YYYY-MM-DD-XXXX, the last four digits comprise the Swedish social security number and specify gender) X X
Date of treatment onset (YYYY-MM-DD) X  
The patient’s current ED diagnosis (DSM-IV Axis I/No current ED) X X
The patient’s age at onset of ED symptoms (years) X  
The patient’s current weight (kg, to one decimal) X X
The patient’s current height (cm, to one decimal) X X
Are there one or several factors that clearly complicate treatment? (Yes, of psychiatric nature/Yes, of somatic nature/Yes, of social nature/No) X  
Who referred the patient to the unit? (Patient/Relative/Other treatment unit or school) X  
What previous contact with the health care services did the patient have for the eating disorder? (This is the first contact/Previous contact of an occasional nature/Previous treatment) X  
Is the patient living alone or with others? (Single/With children/With parents/With partner/Other) X X
The patient’s employment (Studying/Working/On sick leave) X X
Is the treatment finished? (Yes/No)   X
If the treatment is finished: What date? (YY-MM-DD)   X
If the treatment is finished: How did it end? (In agreement between patient and therapist/Patient terminated treatment prematurely/Patient was referred to another treatment unit/Other reason)   X
  1. 1This table only includes data presented in the study. The SwEat registration contains additional data