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Table 3 Correlations between perceived negative parenting experiences and mediator and outcome variables

From: Do dysfunctional coping modes mediate the relationship between perceived parenting style and disordered eating behaviours?

Perceived negative parenting experience Correlations between mediation variables  
Restricting Compensatory behaviour Binging Perfectionistic overcontroller Self aggrandiser Compliant surrenderer Detached self-soother Detached protector Bully and attack
Overprotective father .281a .090 -.026 .196a .182b .162b .293a .156b .140
Pessimistic/fearful father .209a .042 .041 .212a .151b .140 .268a .192b .129
Controlling father .201a .113 -.046 .305a .147 .248a .260a .279a .183b
Conditional/narcissistic father .282a .205a .005 .323a .276a .196a .271a .203a .181b
Emotionally depriving father .109 .113 .072 .220a .082 .278a .231a .261a .120
Belittling mother .197a .242a -.037 .258a .154b .280a .336a .282a .185b
Emotionally inhibited mother .250a .265a -.020 .261a .126 .305a .307a .299a .102
Punitive mother .192b .216a -.155 .256a .198a .273a .238a .184b .173b
Conditional/narcissistic mother .280a .280a -.092 .207a .220a .258a .284a .172b .183b
Emotionally depriving mother .177b .191b -.090 .249a .046 .261a .299a .276a .109
Perfectionistic mother .181b .226a .041 .138 .330a .257a .207a .173b .172b
Restricting - .508a -.054 .431a .195a .347a .286a .376a .026
Compensatory Behaviour .508a - .139 .429a .224a .361a .368a .518a .253a
Binging -.054 .139 - -.104 -.077 -.004 .103 .152b .008
  1. aSignificant at the .01 level
  2. bSignificant at the .05 level