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Table 1 Participant’s description of the term body image

From: A qualitative analysis of participants’ reflections on body image during participation in a randomized controlled trial of acceptance and commitment therapy

Category Summary Quotation
How you evaluate your body The body is described for instance as good or bad, attractive or ugly. Participants compare themselves with others. Evaluations are influenced by social ideals, for example being slim is automatically valued as something positive. Have had it drummed into me since I was little that slim = happy and successful. (AN, 41)
If impression is realistic or not If impression fits in with what others see or with reality. What my body really looks like and not the way I think it does. (Purging disorder, 20)
What relationship you have to your body Different descriptions of whether the body is shown respect or taken care of. Degree of happiness with body. How well you know your body and what is important for it. (AN, 18)
How your impression fits in with your self-esteem Impressions govern assessments of self-image and self-confidence If I am worth anything or just rubbish. (BED, 39)