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Table 1 Inclusion criteria for literature relating to ‘Chew and Spit’

From: Chew and Spit (CHSP): a systematic review

Sample population Humans only (ED or Non-ED)
Age group Any
Condition Participants must have a ‘lifetime history’ of CHSP (in conjunction with or without other ED behavior) and have exhibited the behavior prior to the study and not solely as part of another study with modified sham feeding. The main focus of the study must be centered on chewing and spitting out of food only, and not related to the regurgitation of swallowed food.
Study type & design Any – including but not limited to RCTs, case studies and case series reports
Outcome measure Assesses or explores some impact (physiological, social, or psychological) resulting from CHSP
Setting No restriction
Date of study All studies up to and including January 2016
Publication type & availability Peer-reviewed and full-text only
Language English only