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Table 1 Items in the Questionnaire of Socio-Cultural Context

From: Socio-cultural context of eating disorders in Poland

1. A person should control his various weaknesses.
2. It is important to the members of my family that we be “up-to-date”.
3. I know many people who have problems with food.
4. Sex is decidedly a much more enjoyable experience for men than for women.
5. The principles governing my family could be a model for others.
6. In my social circles, appearance is crucial to a successful social life.
7. Anorexia and bulimia nervosa are an important issue nowadays.
8. Currently, fashion sets the rules of conduct in many areas.
9. It can happen that I carry on an internal struggle with myself.
10. Women in my family do not have an easy life.
11. We live in times when people are guided more by their own interests than, for example, loyalty and friendship.
12. When I see a thin model, I feel fat and unattractive.
13. A slim figure may sometimes help more in life than high intelligence.
14. If someone is not able to control how much and what they eat, they are not able to control anything at all.
15. Lately, everything is changing so fast, it is difficult to keep up.
16. To be more attractive, I should be skinnier.
17. My mother has a more difficult life than my father does.
18. I am jealous of a model’s slim appearance.
19. Boys can be themselves to a greater degree than girls can.
20. My father pays attention to his figure.
21. Often, an attractive appearance can only be achieved through hard work on your body.
22. I am sometimes guided in my decisions by advertisements.
23. In life, you should be striving for perfection.
24. Anorexia and bulimia are a problem of my generation.
25. My father attaches great importance to his external appearance.
26. In today’s times, it is difficult to be yourself in relations with boys.
27. I am religious person.
28. Sometimes, I do not know what is appropriate and what not in relations with others.
29. I try to eat “healthy food”.
30. My greatest desire is to know how to control my life.
31. My mother pays attention to her figure.
32. I believe that my family is materially better off than other families.
33. Currently, fashionable clothing is tailored so that only thin girls can fit into it.
34. People who devote themselves to others are fools.
35. If I could get my weight lower or higher by a few kilograms, my female classmates would immediately notice.
36. A woman should strive to have a profession that allows her to be independent.
37. Sometimes I succumb to the temptations of my body.
38. In my social circle, friendliness is what decides your social success.
39. What my family considers delicious food is unhealthy in my opinion.
40. I believe that observing fasts for religious reasons has deep meaning.
41. True excellence is the ability to have full control over all your feelings.
42. When I hear about people who have problems with eating, such as anorexia and bulimia, I understand them very well.
43. Religion is very important in the life of my family.
44. In the world of film and fashion, there are people I would like to resemble.
45. Sometimes it seems to me that there is a large gap between how my parents think and how my grandparents think.
46. It has happened that I have allowed my decisions to be guided by the tastes of well-known models and actresses.
47. Intuition directs us better than logic and planning.
48. Adjusting to today’s times requires a great deal of effort on the part of my family.
49. Healthy competition can be fun.
50. It happens that others are jealous of my good grades.
51. I know at least a few people that are trying to lose weight.
52. Faith does not have great significance for me.
53. The opinion of others is very important to members of my family.
54. Sons have it easier in Polish families than daughters.
55. I feel that my peers pay attention to how much I eat.
56. If I am not successful in life, my parents will be disappointed.
57. My mother attaches great importance to her external appearance.
58. Food advertisements are the most difficult to resist.
59. I learn more about how to live from my father than my mother.
60. We will be punished for our sins.
61. My family belongs to the “middle-class”.
62. If pregnancy were to make my body less attractive, then I would give some thought to whether I want to have any children at all.
  1. Items statistically differed between groups are presented in bold