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Table 3 Multiple regression analysis of the relationship between compulsive exercise (outcome variable) and eating disorder and general psychopathology (predictor variables) in the current sample

From: A clinical profile of compulsive exercise in adolescent inpatients with anorexia nervosa

Model F (df) R 2 Adj. R 2 β t p (2-sided)
1. 17.11 (4, 55) .55 .52    <.001
 YEDE-Q global score     .42 2.59 .012
 RCADS total anxiety scale     .55 2.37 .021
 RCADS MDD scale     -.08 -.43 .667
 CHOCI-R total symptoms scale     -.15 -.93 .356
  1. df degrees of freedom, Adj. adjusted, YEDE-Q youth eating disorder examination-questionnaire, RCADS revised child anxiety and depression scale, MDD major depressive disorder, CHOCI-R children’s obsessional compulsive inventory-revised