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Table 1 Medical complications of anorexia nervosa

From: Anorexia nervosa – medical complications

Cardiovascular Endocrine and Metabolic
  Bradycardia and hypotension   Amenorrhea
  Mitral valve prolapse   Infertility
  Sudden death - arrhythmia   Osteoporosis
  Refeeding syndrome   Thyroid Abnormalities
  Echo changes   Hypercortisolemia
Dermatologic   Hypoglycemia
  Dry skin   Neurogenic diabetes insipidus
  Alopecia   Arrested growth
  Lanugo hair Hematologic
  Starvation-associated pruritis   Pancytopenia due to starvation
Gastrointestinal   Decreased sedimentation rate
  Constipation Neurologic
  Refeeding pancreatitis   Cerebral atrophy
  Acute gastric dilatation delayed gastric emptying Opthalmic
  Hepatitis   Lagopthalmos
  Dysphagia Pulmonary
    Aspiration pneumonia
    Respiratory failure
    Spontaneous pneumothorax