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Table 1 Additional treatment between T1 (baseline) and T2 (end of intervention), and between T2 (end of intervention) and T3 (follow-up) in full RP completers, partial RP completers, and control group, excluding participants who were pregnant at the time of assessment

From: Internet-based relapse prevention for anorexia nervosa: nine- month follow-up

  Full RP completers Partial RP completers Control group Statistics
  N = 47 Mean (SD) N = 41 Mean (SD) N = 115 Mean (SD) F (df = 2)
Inpatient treatment between T1 and T2 (weeks) 0.16 (0.75)a 0.92 (2.21)b 0.25 (1.18)a 4.2
p = .016
Inpatient treatment between T2 and T3 (weeks) 0.69 (2.68)a 3.31 (1.08)b 2.05 (5.15)ab 2.86
p = .060
Outpatient psychotherapy between T1 and T2 (sessions) 16.13 (12.83)a 17.54 (14.76)a 17.08 (11.75)a ns
Outpatient psychotherapy between T2 and T3 (sessions) 15.32 (18.00)a 19.39 (23.32)a 17.10 (16.80)a ns
  1. ns = not significant.
  2. a, b, Different letters after the means indicate groups that, according to post hoc-Scheffé-tests, differed significantly (p < 0.05) from one another.